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Saturday, November 10, 2012



When events happen such as Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, or any other of nature’s occurrences come along, they don't happen in a vacuum. They aren’t events that rush in, wreak havoc and then go away, leaving us to pick up where we left off.  In fact, they change our world at the most basic levels, leaving us vulnerable and with the sudden understanding that we are among the tinniest of creatures, left helpless and on our own to fend for ourselves.

The truth is the real tragedy here isn't Hurricane Sandy, but rather it’s the lack of planning prior as it pertains to the aftermath of any given catastrophe’s devastation, and even worse, the faith that the people living in these areas have come to put in the almighty, take care of us, government, a government with an outstanding record of ineptness in regard to past performances in nearly every arena, and now these folks are seeing first hand just how limited that help really is.

When I was growing up in the fifties, America was still primarily a rural nation and even many of those that had moved to the urban areas after World War II were from a rural background.  Back then, folks in rural areas were survivors; they were survivors by nature.  Families grew their own food, they slaughtered their own animals, they canned and put up supplies to get them through the tough times.  And when a disaster did strike, it was neighbors, churches, and others just willing to help that came to their aid.  Now that mandate to help our fellow Americans has been turned over to ever-inefficient big government agencies.

The layers upon layers of bureaucracy are staggering and woefully incompetent in supplying help and needed supplies.  No food, water, fuel, electricity, or trash pickup has caused sanitation to become an issue of real concern as people are using the bathroom wherever they can.  From utility crews arriving to help restore power to victims of the disaster being turned away and sent home because they are non-union, to FEMA closing their doors because of the adverse weather conditions that have affected the restoration of the infrastructure, if you're one of the victims, it's pretty much tough tittie right now.
Get used to it, folks; this is how big government works and this how it affects its subjects when they come to depend on it from the cradle to the grave.  Folks need to wake up and realize the inadequacies of big government.  Hurricane Sandy is a peek into the future and the direction our nation is going.  It’s also a clear vision of what people need to do to prepare for the next Sandy, or heaven forbid; something worse!

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